Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apples and Graphing

During our apple unit we got to try three different kinds of apples; red, yellow and green.  After tasting each kind of apple the kiddos colored in an apple to show which one was their favorite.  Since we are learning about graphing in our math program we made a pie graph to see which color of apple our class liked best.  Red was the clear winner!

After learning all about apples and Pumpkins We made a venn diagram to compare them.  We did this together at the carpet and the kids got to use our clip boards.  They love using clip boards!  They think it is so cool they don't have to sit at their tables while we work.  After lots and lots of practice we are finally starting to get the hang of segmenting words.  As we decided what to write the kids would say all the sounds in the word and we would write down those sounds together.  Most of the words were not spelled correctly but you could still tell what they were.  This is a huge step!  In kindergarten we want students to spell phonetically, which basically means we want them to write down any sound they hear in the word.  I always tell them that right now we are not worried about whether the word is spelled correctly or not as long as we are writing down all the sounds we hear.  So as your child brings home work with misspelled words, remember this is a good thing.  We are happy they are beginning to write!

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