Friday, September 23, 2011

More Reading Centers

Yes, this is another post about our reading centers. I just had to tell you how amazing your children are at reading centers! We have added, read to someone, word work and listen to reading to our centers. They work so hard and are learning so much. Right now the class favorite is listen to reading. The kiddos are learning to use our mp3 players and absolutely love listening to stories.

The kiddos have 4 different basket to choose from. Inside each basket there are 3 books to listen too. They really like being able to choose which book to listen too and so far they can find them pretty easily on the mp3 player.

It is a little hard to tell in this picture but the screen shows a picture of the book. I love this, my old ones just said the name of the book and it was so hard for the kiddos to find the right one. I love technology!!

They are Loving it!! And so am I! They did two 15 minute rotations of centers today. That is AMAZING!! It is hard to believe we have only been coming for four weeks, they have changed so much!

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