Friday, September 16, 2011

Reading Centers

We have been working so hard this week! We have been working hard to learn our reading centers. Our reading centers are different learning areas the students go to to practice reading and writing skills. We have 5 different centers at this time. Our focus this week was read to self. At the read to self center students choose a book to read. We learned there are 3 ways to read a book; read the pictures, read the words and retell a story. Most kindergaten students are not ready to read the words, but they have learned that the pictures tell a lot of the story and that they can read the story by examining the pictures. They have also learned that even though they may not be able to read all the words they can look for words they know.

The first day we practiced read to self we only did it for 3 minutes. We have been practicing and building up our stanima all week and now we can read for 9 minutes! I am so proud of them!

Each day we go over what our Reading Centers will look like and sound like and then we practice. In a few weeks when we are done practing I will be able to use this time to work with small groups of kids on an individual basis. Here is a picture of our anchor chart that reminds us what we should be doing during centers.

Parents, I hope you find these posts helpful. I want for you to know what we are doing in the classroom and to be able to see all the fun we are having. Please feel free to comment. Let me know if there are specific things you would like me to blog about.

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